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The Reason Of Difficult Demoulding
Dec 17, 2012

It is difficult to demould reasons are as followed:

1. Mould with grooves; 2. The draft is insufficient; 3. the finish of mould is not high


Because of the draft caused by lack of fault is very common, in product design, the draft must be in the surface, the draft are usually in the range of 1~2

degrees, in this range as well, special occasion also allows for more than 0.5 degrees.
Injection mould pressure if too high, products with the die too closely appressed, demolding becomes difficult.

In order to make plastic mould products from the mold, generalist use containing silicone oil release agent, however use of release agent can be coated with a layer of very thin.If the coating is too thick to wipe hard.There are due to release agent role, products printed marks on the two processing become very bad, once the coating on the mold release agent of plastic mould  products would like to wipe is quite difficult.


1 instant: the decline of injection mould pressure, shorten the holding time, reduce the Shenzhen mould temperature reduces the release rate, spraying  Shenzhen mold release agent

2 short: improve the injection mold  cavity finish

3 Term: increasing draft, increase the release pin number


Material difference


Is heavy and hard materials, such as GPPS, due to damage caused by insufficient products hat inclination. Common.On both sticky and soft material, such as PE, may make the products are a plurality of root excision.