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The Outlook Of The Mould Industry In The Coming 2014
Dec 30, 2013

2014 is just coming, IMOULD wish all members Happy New Year!

We are thankful for you being with us and progressing together in the past 2013. In the special holiday, we hope you and your beloved ones joy and happiness and success.

With the efforts of the associates in mould industry and supports of the national policies, China mould industry has made lots of achievements in 2013. it will be developing better in the coming 2014 for the following aspects:


  • First, the public service platforms and enterprise information-based instruction in mould cluster regions will in further developing, thus to prompt the mould business.

  • Second, the industrial chain will stretch out to upstream and downstream industries. In the same time, the producer service will become more popular.

  • Third, mould export will remain rapid growth.

  • Forth, the domestic market for moulds is still needed.

  • Fifth, the mould quality will continually improve due to the structural adjustment in mould industry.