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Technology Of Hobbing Hard Tooth Surface
Aug 03, 2016

In traditional method in the, gear of hard tooth surface of processing need after tooth surface of grinding processing, due to mill tooth processing efficiency too low, processing cost high, especially on some big diameter, big module of gear in processing Shang difficulty more big, thus from in the 1980 of the 20th century up, both at home and abroad enterprise has gradually used hard tooth surface scraping as quenching hard gear (40~65HRC) of half fine, and fine processing method.

Technology of hobbing hard tooth surface gear, also known as scraping, this process is the use of a special carbide hob on tooth surface hardness of HRC58-62 in carburizing and quenching of gear tooth surface by scraping, scraping precision can reach level 7. This approach can be processed any of gear Helix angle, a/d 1~40mm. General precision (6~7 level) hard tooth surface gear, General used "roll-heat treatment-scraping" process, rough, and fine processing in same Taiwan roll tooth machine Shang can completed; tooth surface rough degrees requirements high of gear, can in scraping Hou arrangements honing tooth processing; for high precision gear, is used "roll-heat treatment-scraping-mill" process, with scraping for half fine processing process alternative rough mill, resection gear of heat treatment deformation, left small and uniform of allowance for fine mill, can save 1/2~5/6 of grinding work, Economic benefits are significant. For large module and large diameter, width of the hardened gear, because there is no corresponding large grinding machine, only the use of skiving machining.

Greatest characteristic of hard skiving is 5-6 times higher productivity than grinding, apart from excessive deformation heat treatment carburizing and hardening gears grinding scraping in front of not only eliminates the deformation of the gear, ensure smooth grinding of gears, but also improve efficiency, protect the gear grinding machine precision.

Adopts hard tooth face gear hobbing technology processing, temperature control is extremely important, because too high a temperature will speed up of tool wear and easily collapse tool needed to metalworking fluids to cool, while washing away the tool and the workpiece cutting, longer tool life and surface roughness of workpiece. Generally use special oil base cutting fluid as cooling lubricants, such as KR-C20, through the appropriate viscosity control and adoption of excellent extreme pressure and antiwear additives to meet the process cooling, cleaning and lubrication requirements.