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Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum To Return At LASYS 2010
Dec 13, 2009

The LASYS international trade fair for system solutions in laser material processing will be enhanced by a first-class educational programme in 2010. For example, the 2nd Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum (SLT ’10) will be held concurrently with LASYS 2010, which will take place June 8–10 at the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

The focus of SLT ’10 will be the transfer of know-how and experience between research and industry. The forum will provide answers to many questions relating to production practice: what can now be achieved with laser technology, what problems arise, how can they be solved, what form might solutions take, which laser process is ideally suited for which application (marking, cutting, welding, drilling, structuring, material removal, etc.), and so on.

SLT ’10 is being organized by the Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) of Stuttgart University under the oversight of Prof. Thomas Graf, the institute’s head. Each day of the forum concentrates on a particular area. The topic of laser microprocessing will be examined on June 8, laser sources will be the focus of June 9 (along with the plenary session), and, on June 10, the forum will consider material macroprocessing by laser. Top-class laser experts from industry and research will give presentations, and several renowned speakers will be featured during the plenary session, which will take note of the fact that laser technology celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010.

The agenda includes a visit to the IFSW in the afternoon of June 9.

“Our basic objective with SLT ’10 is to address all laser users, including those people who are intending to use lasers sometime in the future,” explains Dr. Rudolf Weber, head of process development at the IFSW. Along with operators of job shops, employees in large-company R&D departments, managers of laser-based production, and users wanting to solve production problems through laser technology, he includes scientific staff in university research departments and advanced students of laser technology in this group.

The Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum attracted 375 visitors in 2008. Owing to the attractiveness of the 2010 programme, the organizer expects a larger number of attendees to participate in SLT ’10. The 2010 forum will be held at the ICS International Congress Centre in Stuttgart.