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Solution Of Auto Mould Enterprises Transformation And Upgrading
Dec 26, 2012

1. Clear positioning and direction of enterprise development
     In the case of industry overcapacity and increasing new entrants as well as existing enterprises improve capacity, auto mould industry needs to further clarify the enterprise development within the external environment, meticulous corporate strengths and weaknesses analysis and benchmarking analysis, effectively find out what advantages resources, able to do what, to be able to open up the service which part of the market and customer, As a result, in order to clear market segments and products based on enterprise development, positioning and strategy to clear the company's products direction of development, in order to fully optimize, and integrate their own resources, Tianpingbuqi avoid blindly repetitive investment truly the steady improvement of the quality of the operation. This development model, has a successful enterprise in each Model Association's professional committee samples and specimens.
     Currently, the industry generally very clear outer panel, inner panel broadly categorized and positioning of the mold. It is worth pondering, after 15 years of rapid development, the industry generally large scale, this is because the automotive OEMs auto mold factory to have a greater capacity to achieve delivery of further shortening; another aspects from auto mold factory itself constantly hope to advance to bigger and longer and stronger late impulse; Third, the industry has not been able to form a better industry collaboration and win-win development model, the lack of a clear, stable and win-win cooperative enterprises Union work.
     2. Establish China's mould brand
     Exports are a big trend, the general direction of the car mould brand than the quality, delivery, service and value for money. Quality is a prerequisite, user quality requirements endless, companies must vigorously strengthen and enhance the quality of full awareness, further to achieve a major breakthrough in domestic automobile mould quality work, commitment to enhance the die face design refinement level, and strive to "time will be designed to do."
     I learned from the various enterprises, as well as part of the OEMs, the the domestic mould of the delivery of universal access to greatly improved, some of the projects even better than foreign suppliers, but there is still room for improvement. First delivery is the ability to meet obligations of the contract, to further enhance the delivery capabilities necessary to address the quality to enhance the ability of the different stages of the mold and parts of. This is because of the quality and delivery of the two complement each other, especially in the final acceptance stage breakthrough capabilities integrated quality problems, delivery directly affect whether reduced. All of these efforts is bound to help enhance the overall image of the domestic auto mold, but also in practical action to promote the domestic automotive OEMs further recognize the existence of a strong domestic auto mould manufacturing to build the significance of the automotive powers, and then get the host the strong support of the plant in the after-sales service and payment on the automotive tooling industry.
     I firmly believe that it is necessary to stand on the safety of the national automobile industry to look at this issue in the angle of the importance of the national economy, and strive to create a harmonious and win-win of the domestic automotive OEMs and automotive mold manufacturing.
     Enhance customer satisfaction.
     Improve customer satisfaction is the key to accurate grasp of customer needs and a deep understanding of, and in turn be reflected in the various links in the mold making, so as to meet fundamental. The past 10 years, the industry internal customer concept "With an unprecedented increase, but from the the OEMs feedback see, auto mold factory from full customer concept has yet to be strengthened" to reach a true "customer satisfaction" the goal.
     Proactive communication is the basis of an accurate grasp of customer needs. Foreign projects, automotive mold industry through targeted employ foreign experts, to ensure effective communication and foreign customers; auto mold factory to be set up in domestic projects, targeted professional customer team to reduce the repeated communication times. The same time, the project organization, inside the car mold factory to do all the customers demand the transmission of information between different processes, to ensure that the needs of the comprehensive and accurate implementation. Only effectively improve customer satisfaction, in order to keep or consolidate existing markets and develop new customers through market reputation effects.
     Insist on technological innovation
     The innovation is the most critical, the most important capability of independent innovation. Looking back on our decades of mold development, from the set to introduce the technology to imitate, uninterrupted learning to the reform and opening up, send people to the training of advanced mold companies in the world, and the joint development of a world-class enterprise design, hire foreign technical experts to guide the establishment of joint design firm abroad, and so on. Can not be ignored, however, is already very important and urgent in today's context and the environment, technological innovation and even original, only through technological innovation in order to more effectively enhance the brand value. To this end, the outside experts is a very effective approach to implement key is to pinpoint the needs of the enterprises themselves, finding the right person to do a good job mentoring, this in order to achieve their goals.
     5. Vigorously enhance digital manufacturing technology
     Also witnessed in the past 15 years of development, design, processing, and measurement techniques shrunk. But, when it comes to the fine manufacturing and commissioning, the next step is to continue to improve in the following areas and improve.
     Product analysis and process demonstration phase, the need to achieve with automotive OEMs collaborative design or simultaneous engineering; process design, with particular focus on the follow-up results of the validation to the source of feedback; pull delayed the process of process analysis, to highlight the rebound control, expand the precision trimming line. In fact, have not seen a good case for design and analysis of continuous stamping process.
     Mold structure design, continue to develop the appropriate tools to improve the design efficiency, refining the standard structure development automated design module. Automotive stamping China has been able to develop some difficult multi-station continuous mode. Now it seems that the automotive stamping multi-station continuous mode is an important development direction in the future. Structural design, interference detection, mold factory has begun to mold motion analysis application virtual stamping technology. The integration processing technology research focuses foothold improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, and realize the machining program, insert independent processing CNC high-speed CNC machining and type face, as well as post-processing detection.
     Mold surface treatment technology, more mature application of TD and laser surface hardening technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology of laser research and application center mold surface enhanced laser application technology has practical engineering application case.
     Through information technology to stimulate the manufacturing level upgrade
     Mold manufacturing single piece attributes pragmatic promote the information technology, information management, and map production-mold manufacturing development direction. Speed up the mold enterprise information management, is the Chinese Model Association since 2005, an important work, and now most of the body mold manufacturing enterprises have a substantial improvement of the CAD / CAE / CAM system, application level. Later, the focus is primarily on the implementation of PDM, ERP, PDM get through the the information silos manufacturing sector in order to achieve the manufacturing of information technology, management cost management information to get through the various links through the ERP information silos.
     7. Optimize operational quality and profitability.
     To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises are facing the common task, to learn from each other, learn from foreign advanced business practices, the enterprises in the industry should also hard skills, enhance core competitiveness. For example, in the manufacturing sectors how to optimize the process, build with the international standards of the most competitive cost advantage; management aspects on how to optimize the recycling process, the establishment of the rapid response to the market reaction "agile manufacturing" delivery model; quality control and assurance on how to fully refine the quality of the product value chain, cycle and cost control methods; how to vigorously promote the core research and development, key technologies, increase product added value and promote quality improvement through technological improvement; corporate human resources development, How to strengthen job training and on-the-job training, and comprehensively improve the quality of the various staff positions are worthy of all enterprises in the industry to explore and practice.
     8. Construct a harmonious enterprise, employees and businesses to grow
     After the financial crisis, especially the beginning of this year, the industry in varying degrees recruiting mature talent (including skilled personnel) difficult problem, to achieve the long-term operation and development of the enterprise, it is necessary to balance the interests of employees and businesses achieve enterprise internal harmony, staff development, and enterprises to form a community of destiny! , Automotive mold manufacturing enterprises have to work hand in hand with the the domestic mold material, castings and forgings, and standard parts together to improve our body mold manufacturing level.