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Requirements For Cosmetic Container Injection Mouldings
Jan 10, 2011

As the cosmetic container mouldings from PMMA or PC, we need the mould keep a certain temperature such like 60 centigrade degree to make the melted material easier filling into the moulds. We need high injection mouldings pressure and high and longer time pressure holdings to keep the container very straight without any shrinkage mark.

Cosmetic container mouldings equipments are listed a below:

  • High quality precise injection mouldings machine.

Normally, cosmtic container mouldings material are PC,PMMA,PS,PP or PE, most of the cosmetic containers  are transparent with very nice surface finishing, for this reason, the manufacturer prefer to use PC or PMMA to get the high classic result.  Also because of this, we need the special injection mouldings machine which is especially for PMMA or PC mouldings.

  • Top quality cosmetic moulds

Due to the cosmetic injection mouldings has special requirements for the finishing, the cosmetic containers moulds should use the steel which can be mirror polished and the polish must be long lasting. So the cosmetic container moulds’ mouldings area normally use Stavax S420 which are stainless and also can be deep hardened to HRC60.  This steel hardness and stainless can keep the surface finishing long time lasting.

Cosmetic container mouldings has a special requirements for the mouldings equpments and also injection mouldings technologies. This is because of the cosmetic containers have very high classic finishing requirements. When the consumer goes to shopping, they are very critical to the package of the cosmetic containers.  If the packaing looks ugly or poor quality, the consumer will never buy it.