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Prevention Measures For Quenching Crack?
Feb 28, 2015

1) strict control of raw materials of die quality
2) improved forging and spheroidizing annealing process, eliminate the mesh, Ribbon, chain-like carbide, to improve the uniformity of the organization.
3) machining or cold plastic deformation of die stress relief heat treatment should be carried out (> 600 ℃) after hardening.
4) for complex shape mold asbestos plug the screw holes should be used, to bind up the dangerous sections and thin-walled, and using isothermal quenching or quenching.
5) mold needs to be repaired or renovated annealing or tempering.
6) mold should be taken when quenching preheating, cooling measures taken when cooling down, and choose the appropriate medium.
7) should strictly control quenching temperature and to prevent tool overheating and burning.
8) quenching after tempering, the holding time full, complex molds with high alloy tempered 2-3.
9) select the correct and appropriate grinding wheel on grinding process.
10) improved mould EDM process, tempering and stress.