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Plastic Mold Knowledge
Jun 18, 2015

Mold is an important modern industrial equipment, is integral part of the production of many industrial products. After China's accession to the WTO, the yearly increase of the ability to attract foreign investment as the world's manufacturing plant more prominent position, various types of industrial molds imported more and more.
Mold types are usually classified objects and processes in accordance with different and differentiated from the industry point of view mainly plastic molds, rubber molds, metal die, metal cold extrusion mould and hot Extrusion die drawing dies, powder metallurgy, metal molds, metal casting molds, metal casting molds, glass molds, fiberglass molds, and so on.
Although many different kinds of mold, but mainly related to taxable items in the tariff classification 84.80 and 82.07 under the relevant subheadings.
Below will only import the most common plastics used in processing introduces the how to classify different types of mold.
Plastic most common of forming method General is divided into melt body forming and solid forming two big class: melt body forming is put plastic heating to melting point above, makes of in melting State for forming processing of way, belongs to this species forming method of die plastic process main has injection forming, and pressure plastic (shrink) forming, and extrusion forming,; solid forming is refers to plastic in melting temperature following keep solid Xia of a forming method, as some plastic packaging container production of vacuum forming, and compression air forming and blow plastic forming,. In addition to liquid molding, casting and molding, rotational molding and dip forming method.