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Moulds And Extrusion Machines Attract Most Attention In 2008
Dec 27, 2008

Imould News: according to Huicong Plastic statistics, from January to December plastic machinery market drew less and less attention from second half of this year. Moulds drew the most attention, followed by extrusion machine, plastic auxiliary machine and injection machine. Moulds took up 21%, injection machine 11%, plastic auxiliary machine 11%, extrusion machine 18%, followed were screw, granule manufacture and blowing machine. Take the following chart for reference.

 It can be concluded that from the all year statistics which fell into the common structure of plastic machinery, extrusion machine ranked top with production output and sales output, followed by injection machine, plastic auxiliary machine and screw, as consumable products, drew more and more attention. At present, the influence of financial crisis to plastic machinery industry becomes clearer and clearer. Take American automotive industry for example, it has deeply affected related manufacturers who provide plastic automotive accessory parts and plastic machinery for it. Automotive accessory suppliers for Ford and GM have also been affected by American automotive industry. UBE MACHINERY of Japan, who produces larger machineries for GM, affected by the financial crisis and American automotive industry, has cut down its million dollars promotion budget in 2009.

Large machinery produced by UBE MACHINERY is mainly for automotive industry use for manufacturing auto engine, speed change box, and some interior plastic parts such as bumper and instrument board. UBE MACHINERY in fact is a famous brand in automotive industry. Most of TOYOTA equipments are from UBE. Famous automotive enterprises such as Ford, GM, Volkswagen all have equipments bought from UBE.

UBE MACHINERY, develop from UBE Iron Works founded in 1914, is an old brand in plastic machinery industry, and so takes up absolute market. The products include die casting machine, injection machine, extrusion machine, vertical mill and bridge equipments. It sets up many sales offices and factories in and around Japan, and has made considerable contribution to world industry. related catagory Mould China.