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Mould Polishing Technology Trends And Opportunities
Aug 05, 2010

  In the mold industry, the trend of polishing process is grinding toward the direction of mirror-polished by technological progress, shorten delivery time, seek new opportunities for development and diversification of production, to further improve the level of technology.

In the grinding and polishing process, the current trend is toward the mirror polished grinding direction, oversea competition, shorter delivery time and high-speed process technology, this reducing reliance on industry rivals work and precision machining needs.

Overseas Competition and Business Opportunities

Unfortunately, since the main manufacturing operations have been transferred overseas, so polishing industry has also been greatly affected. M&M Polishing Corporation is a bench polishing process and polishing service providers, according to the saying by company Vice President Mr. DaveLaGrow,“We have all been affected by the foreign competition,foreign companyies have been snatched a large part of business from the American countries.”


   However, according to the product marketing manager Ms. BetsiBurns from BORIDEEngineeredAbrasives Polishing Products Company, quality of overseas manufacturing die need to return to North America re-polishing. The company is an abrasive (polishing Whetstone) manufacturers. As the mold has been transferred to overseas for production, so its quality can not be guaranteed. "The mold generally not used for long, and then in need of repair." President  Burns said, "This may lead to more polishing needs."   

   This approach to the overseas transfer process, leading mold manufacturers began to seek other markets, it is for Mr. LaGrow will produce a surprising side effects. "Some of our customers began to expand into the field of aerospace and military industry." He commented, "At first, I think it would be unfavorable to us, because I think mold polishing customers are now moving closer to the aerospace industry, they do not send products to us. But a lot of work in the aerospace industry require the use of bench work and polishing mold processing, such as some of the helicopter parts in our workshop.Those who of the die too big to carry to the shop for polishing , and we direct send workers to the place for polishing, provide polishing processing services to them. "