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Mould Making The Main Content Of The Work
Aug 30, 2017

Mold manufacturing process and other industrial products, like the production process, are from the beginning of raw materials, processed into finished products through the whole process.

The production process system of modern industrial products includes the production technology preparation process, the basic production process, the auxiliary production process and the production service process. The process of the above-mentioned process is also embodied in: technical preparation work; production preparation; procurement of raw materials, transportation, custody; rough processing and restructuring; product zero, component processing and inspection; product assembly, commissioning, inspection; Decoration, packaging, transportation and so on.

The production process of modern industrial products is also the enterprise human, material, financial, information transformation process. The formation of any one product, many companies are the fruits of joint labor. Today, with the professionalization of production organizations and the standardization of products to improve the level of mutual cooperation and mutual dependence between the enterprises than in the past are prominent and important. Similarly, in a business is also the case, a workshop production of "finished" is often the other workshop production of "raw materials."

In the non-mold professional production enterprises in the professional products factory, mold as part of the process equipment, in the basic production system is an auxiliary production process, is to ensure that the basic product production is an indispensable part. In the mold professional production enterprises, mold as the basic product of the enterprise, its production process has always been throughout the enterprise in all the production process.

Many types of mold, each mold structure, requirements and uses different, they have a specific production process. However, the same mold, their production process has a common characteristics. Therefore, the mold production process can be divided into five main stages: production technology preparation, material preparation, mold zero, component processing, assembly commissioning and trial identification.

In the above production process, the production technology preparation phase is the basis of the whole production, for the mold quality, cost, schedule and management have a significant impact. Production technology preparation phase of the work include the design of mold design, the preparation of technical documents, material quota and the development of fixed quota, the cost of mold valuation.

In the mold processing process, blanks, parts and components of the quality assurance and inspection is an essential part of the mold production through the "three inspection system" to ensure the implementation of qualified parts in the production line circulation. In the mold processing process, the relevant process and the transfer between the workshop is necessary for continuous production, in the middle of the transfer and processing imbalance caused by wait and stop is a prominent problem in the mold production, as a mold production organization The part should be kept to a minimum.

Mold manufacturing work of the main content

1, the preparation of process documents. Mold process documents include mold parts processing technology, mold assembly process points or process specifications, raw material list, purchased parts list and outsourcing list. Mold technology personnel should fully understand the mold structure, working principle and requirements of the case, combined with the enterprise cold and hot processing equipment conditions, production and technical conditions, such as the preparation of mold parts and assembly of the process files.

2, the design of two types of tools and process preparation. Second-class tools Second-level tools, refers to the processing and assembly of mold used in a variety of special tools. These special two types of tools are generally made by the mold technician who is responsible for the design and craft preparation of the special part by the specialized technical staff. The quality and efficiency of the two types of tools play an important role in mold quality and production schedule. Under the conditions of the objective conditions can be used to modify the general tools, attention should be the number of second-class tools and cost reduced to the minimum allowable objective. Often the design of the second class of tools are non-standard reamers and milling cutter, the various types of surface inspection model, non-standard gauge, profiling processing with the die and EDM electrode, surface inspection magnification and so on.

3, processing processing site technical problems. Solving the technical, quality and production management problems in the process of mold parts processing and assembly is one of the frequent work of the mold technician, such as interpreting the process documentation and conducting technical guidance, and adjusting the processing plan and method.

4, to participate in the test and identification work. After the assembly of various molds and test pressure is an important part of mold production, mold technology and other personnel through the test and test pressure, analysis of technical problems and solutions, and the final technical quality of the mold state Make the right conclusion.