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Mould Making More Fine Details
Aug 07, 2017

Light curing molding (SLA) is the first rapid prototyping process, Mould Making high maturity, from the CAD digital model directly into the prototype, processing speed 40-60CM³ / H, short production cycle, without cutting tools and molds. Mainly used for processing complex shape or the use of traditional means difficult to shape the prototype and mold. Reduce the cost of error repair at the same time, Mould Making so that the CAD digital model more intuitive, Mould Making can be online operation, remote control, conducive to the production of automation

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is one of the most commonly used 3D printing techniques. Mould Making It uses lasers as energy sources to sinter the powder material to produce a solid model. Unlike other material-growing technologies such as melt-deposition (FDM), SLS does not require a support structure, Mould Making and the resulting components have finer details. Processing speed is high, with high strength, high precision characteristics.

Direct metal laser sintering technology (DMLS) is the pearl of the field of 3D printing technology. The technology uses high-energy laser-melting metal powder deposition, Mould Making sintering solidified powder metal materials, and automatically stacked layers to produce dense geometric shapes of solid parts. Structural parts density of up to 99% or more, close to the forging material embryo body, to avoid the use of milling and discharge processing, Mould Making designed to provide a wider degree of freedom.

Steam sealless high-light injection, also known as RHCM, is a molding technology, Mould Making the main use of steam mold surface will quickly heat up, so that the molding cavity surface temperature to reach the resin plastic glass transfer temperature above, and then began to injection molding After the completion of the cavity filling process, the use of water (treated) as a cooling medium, the mold surface temperature dropped rapidly, Mould Making thereby changing the surface properties of plastic products.

RHCM injection molding technology compared with the traditional injection molding process, Mould Making can greatly improve the product surface gloss, to solve the problem of surface welding products.

In the field of injection mold, mastered the very cold and very hot technology, to achieve high light without flow marks injection; and the use of industry-leading injection mold components in-mold assembly technology, and electroplating and non-plating integration technology to achieve seamless injection of plastic parts , Mould Making Without rear assembly, to ensure the effect and installation strength.

The use of industry front-end ANSYS, Moldflow and other simulation software, Mould Making developed for product strength, multi-body dynamics, impact drop, hot fluid, modal and other aspects of analysis, from product design, structural optimization, process analysis, production, assembly Testing the whole process solution and service implementation.