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Mould Making Globalization Development
Jun 27, 2017

Mould Making With the development of economic globalization, China's market situation is changing, the developed countries put forward "re-industrialization", with artificial intelligence, Mould Making robotics and digital manufacturing to regain the competitive advantage of manufacturing. China's mold enterprises continue to rely on low-cost competitiveness is difficult to maintain. And mold in various fields have been widely used, Mould Making the requirements for the mold equipment more and more. So mold manufacturing needs of scientific and technological innovation, to the standardization of unmanned processing direction, this is an inevitable trend.

Unmanned, also known as automation. Unmanned chemical plants in foreign countries has been quite popular, especially in the automotive, home appliances, mold manufacturing and other fields. Mould Making These production lines are almost all the robot in the operation, the staff in the next auxiliary role, for example, in some plastic mold parts production plant, can achieve unmanned production. The current mold manufacturing is toward a small, unmanned processing direction.

In the use of artificial intelligence in the unmanned chemical plant, Mould Making the production orders and raw materials from the factory side of the input, through product design, process design, production and processing and inspection packaging, and finally from the other end of the output products. Mould Making All work is done by computer-controlled robots, CNC machines, unmanned trolleys and automated warehouses.

Automation is forcing standardization, and in the process of automating, another major value is driving the standardization process. Customers require shorter lead times, shorter production processes, Mould Making increasing product accuracy requirements, continued price declines, and increasingly global competition. All of these requirements must be met by greater flexibility, higher quality and higher productivity. Mould Making From a long-term perspective, there is only one solution available - automated!

In the manufacturing process, especially in the industrial production machinery parts process, all kinds of functional parts have to rely on mold forming. And now more and more production enterprises to use plastic molds for parts production and processing, but also for enterprises to reduce production costs.

In recent years, China's rapid development of plastic mold. At present, the plastic mold in the mold industry accounted for about 30% of the proportion of mold import and export in the proportion of up to 50 to 70%. With the Chinese machinery, automobiles, home appliances, Mould Making electronic information and building materials and other national economic pillar industry, the rapid development of this proportion will continue to improve.

According to experts predict that the overall trend of the mold market is smooth upward, in the future of the mold market, the development of plastic molds will be higher than other molds in the mold industry, Mould Making the proportion will gradually increase.

As the shape of plastic parts complex, flexible design, Mould Making the mold material, design level and processing equipment are high requirements, but China's mold design and manufacturing level compared with foreign developed countries there is still a big gap, the immediate need to break through the constraints of mold industry The development of the three bottlenecks: First, increase the plastic materials and injection molding technology research and development efforts; Second, mold enterprises should be to the park development, Mould Making speed up the integration of resources; Third, mold test results test tooling level must be kept up as soon as possible, otherwise plastic Mold development will be constrained.