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Mould Making Direct Forming
Jul 21, 2017

The external and internal shapes of the plastic parts are directly formed by the cavity and the core. These complex three-dimensional surface processing is relatively difficult, Mould Making especially the blind hole type inner surface forming of the cavity. If the traditional processing method is adopted, Require a high level of technical workers, Mould Making auxiliary tools and more, more tools, and processing of the long cycle.

At present, the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts is IT6-7, the surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1μm, the corresponding injection mold parts of the dimensional accuracy requirements of IT5-6, Mould Making surface roughness Ra0.1μm below. The roughness of the recording surface of the laser disc is 0.02-0.01 μm at the level of the mirror processing, which requires that the surface roughness of the mold be 0.01 μm or less.

Long life injection mold for improving high efficiency and reduce costs is necessary, Mould Making the current life of injection molds generally require more than 100 million times. Precision injection mold with a large rigidity of the mold, increasing the thickness of the template to increase the support column or tapered positioning elements to prevent deformation of the mold after the pressure, Mould Making sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa.

The ejector is an important factor affecting the deformation and dimensional accuracy of the product, so the optimum ejection point should be chosen so that the stripping is uniform. High-precision injection mold in the structure of the majority of mosaic or full fight structure, Mould Making which requires the mold parts of the processing accuracy, interchangeability are greatly improved.

Mold experts Luo Baihui that, for injection parts, mostly with other parts supporting the complete composition of the product, Mould Making and in many cases are in other parts have been completed, eager to wait for injection molding of the supporting listing. Because the shape or size of the product requires a high degree of accuracy, Mould Making coupled with the characteristics of different resin materials, mold manufacturing is completed, but also need to repeatedly test mode and correction, Mould Making so that development and delivery time is very tight.

Mold manufacturing is not the ultimate goal, but by the user put forward the final product design, mold manufacturers according to the user's request, Mould Making design and manufacture of molds and in most cases, the injection of products is also in other manufacturers. This resulted in the design of the product, Mould Making the design and manufacture of the mold and the production of the products in different places.

Mold production of small quantities, generally belong to the production of single pieces, but the mold needs a lot of standard parts, large to mold, small thimble, which can not and can not only be completed by a single manufacturer, and the manufacturing process is complex, general equipment and CNC Equipment used very uneven.