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Mould Design When Used
Jul 07, 2017

Collection and finishing of the relevant parts design, Mould Design molding process, molding equipment, machining and special processing materials to prepare for the use of mold design.

⑴ digestive plastic parts drawings, Mould Design to understand the use of parts, analysis of plastic parts of the process, dimensional accuracy and other technical requirements. For example, plastic parts in the appearance of the shape, color transparency, the use of performance requirements, plastic parts of the geometric structure, slope, insert, etc. is reasonable, welding marks, shrinkage and other defects in the formation of defects, Equipment, electroplating, bonding, drilling and other post-processing. Mould Design Select the plastic parts of the size of the highest dimensional accuracy of the analysis to see if the estimated forming tolerance is lower than the plastic parts of the tolerance, whether to meet the requirements of the plastic parts to meet. Mould Design In addition, but also to understand the plastic plastic molding process parameters.

⑵ digestion process information, Mould Design analysis of the work of the task book proposed by the molding method, equipment model, material specifications, mold structure type and other requirements are appropriate, can be implemented.

Molding materials should meet the strength requirements of plastic parts, with good mobility, uniformity and isotropic, thermal stability. According to the use of plastic parts, molding materials should meet the requirements of dyeing, metallization, decorative properties, necessary elasticity and plasticity, Mould Design transparency or opposite reflective properties, adhesiveness or weldability requirements.

According to the type of molding equipment to mold, it must be familiar with the performance of various molding equipment, specifications, features. For example, Mould Design for the injection machine, the specifications should be aware of the following: injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold installation size, ejector and size, nozzle hole diameter and nozzle spherical radius, gate sleeve positioning ring size, The maximum thickness of the mold and the minimum thickness, the template travel, Mould Design see the relevant parameters.

Do not easily deny the technology industry, Mould Design the technology industry is the need for time accumulation, do not take general workers income and just enter the technical industry to do the job comparison, this is meaningless. Not the sooner to get a high salary of the post is a good post, Mould Design general workers began to work, overtime, then more than a few years of skilled workers have to be high. But the future? Is there a future?

I do not think that I think that general technology than the technical industry strong, think about the meaning of this sentence, Mould Design or wait for the time to come to see to know.

Not all the technical positions have a very good future, this must be a careful analysis of the future development of what jobs are destined to be micro, to be eliminated, which posts will be more and more important, you can study life, the more More popular. Mould Design Should be considered, not a moment of success or failure on the hero, the same can not now pay the income to evaluate the future development of a post.