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Mould Design Qualified
Aug 28, 2017

Qualified mold designers have the following conditions:

1, master at least one three-dimensional software (UG \ Catia), a CAD software.

2, understand the mold structure, the mind must know the mechanical design knowledge, know how to mechanics and materials science.

3, understand the mold flow analysis, the transfer machine has a certain understanding, in the test model can be found when the problem correction.

4, the product structure development can provide some support, put forward the mold aspects of the proposal.

5, the mold development process is planned, so that time is reasonable.

6, on-site processing experience, you can work on the fitter technical guidance.

7, on the CNC, EDM, wire cutting and other processing have to understand, you can clearly design their own structure can be processed out.

8, the mold structure, materials, etc. have a certain ability to estimate the overall design to take into account the strength while trying to control the cost of molds.

9, to look back at the drawings, know how to mechanically cartographic knowledge.

Mold design and manufacturing professional training objectives are: to cultivate moral, intellectual, physical, beauty and other aspects of comprehensive development, with good professional quality, for the manufacturing industry, engaged in mold design, mold processing technology, stamping and plastic molding processing, CNC machine tools The operation and production management and other work of the higher technical application of specialized personnel. Reflected for the manufacture of mold manufacturers to achieve the level of design, design to reach the level of assistant designers.