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Mould Design Appearance Of The Impact
Jul 21, 2017

Each injection molding product must first determine its opening direction and parting line at the beginning of the design to ensure that the core block mechanism and the effect of the parting line on the appearance are eliminated as much as possible.

1, after the mold to determine the direction of the product of the ribs, Mould Design buckles, raised and other structures as designed and consistent with the direction of the mold to avoid the core to reduce the fight line, Mould Design to extend the life of the mold.

2, open mold direction to determine, you can choose the appropriate parting line, Mould Design to avoid the existence of upside down mode to improve the appearance and performance.

1, the appropriate stripping angle to avoid the product pull hair (pull flowers). Mould Design Smooth surface of the stripping slope should be ≥ 0.5 degrees, fine striae (sand surface) surface is greater than 1 degree, rough skin surface is greater than 1.5 degrees.

2, the appropriate stripping angle can avoid the product top injury, Mould Design such as the top white, the top deformation, broken top.

3, deep cavity structure Product design when the outer surface slope as much as possible requirements greater than the inner surface of the slope to ensure that the mold core mold is not offset, Mould Design get a uniform product wall thickness, and to ensure that the product opening part of the material strength.

1, when the plastic mold by the mold can not smooth the direction of mold release, should be designed core pulling slider body. Cylinder mechanism slider can form a complex product structure, Mould Design but easy to cause products to fight suture, shrinkage and other defects, and increase the cost of mold to shorten the die life.

2, the design of injection products, if no special requirements, try to avoid the core structure. Such as the direction of the hole axial and tendons to open the mold direction, Mould Design the use of cavity core and other methods.

1, embedded in the injection molding products can increase the local strength, hardness, dimensional accuracy and set a small screw hole (axis), to meet a variety of special needs. Mould Design While increasing product costs.

2, insert is generally copper, Mould Design can also be other metal or plastic parts.

3, embedded in the embedded part of the plastic should be designed to stop and pull out of the structure. Such as: knurling, holes, bending, flattening, shoulder and so on.

4, the plastic around the fitting should be properly thickened to prevent the plastic parts stress cracking.

5, the design of the insert, should be fully considered its positioning in the mold (hole, pin, magnetic)

Due to the unevenness and uncertainty of the shrinkage rate during injection molding, Mould Design the precision of the injection molded parts is obviously lower than that of the metal parts. The dimensional tolerances of the mechanical parts can not be simply applied. The appropriate tolerances shall be selected according to the standard, Mould Design and in 1993, T14486-93 "Engineering Plastic Molded Plastic Parts Dimensional Tolerance", the designer can determine the dimensional tolerances of the parts according to the requirements in the standard according to the requirements of the plastic raw materials and parts used. Mould Design At the same time according to the factory comprehensive strength, peer product design accuracy to determine the appropriate design tolerance accuracy.

1, the buckle device is designed to share multiple buckle at the same time, so that the overall device will not be because of the individual buckle damage and can not operate, Mould Design thereby increasing its service life, and then more test filter plus rounded corners, increasing strength.

2, is the buckle-related size of the tolerance requirements are very stringent, Mould Design buckle position is too easy to form a buckle damage; Mould Design the contrary, the buckle position is too small to control the assembly position is difficult to control or part of the phenomenon of too loose. The solution is to set aside the way easy to glue the way to achieve.