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Modular Method Of Mold
Sep 01, 2014

Shorten design cycles and improve design quality is the key to shorten mold development cycle as a whole. Modular design is the use of the product components in structural and functional similarities, achieve product standardization and combination. Practice shows that the modular design can effectively reduce the design time and improve the design quality of the products. Because
Modularization design of die implementation:
1, a module library
Establishment of module has three steps: modules and structural features of the model and generate user-defined feature. Standard parts are special case of module exists in the module library. Definition of standard parts only two steps. Modularization design of modules is the first step. Modules is reasonable, to modular system functionality, performance and cost. Modules of each product must undergo technical investigation and repeatedly demonstrated to get results. Moulds, modules and structural modules are mutually inclusive. Structure module may have greater structural changes in the local scope, so it can contain function modules and local structure of function modules may be lower than fixed, thus it can include structural module. After the design is complete, in the Pro/e parts/Assembly (Part/Assembly) needed to hand-constructed space module features model, user-defined features using Pro/e functions define two variable module parameters: variable dimensions and Assembly relationships, form user-defined features (User-Defined Features,UDFs). Generates a user-defined feature files (GPH suffix files) stored in groups named after which module library for.
2, module library management system development
System twice through reasoning, structure of inference and modeling of automatic module, the module determines. Reason get the general structure of the module for the first time, reasoning the final module all parameters for the second time. This way module "plasticity" goal. In the structure of reasoning, accept user input of the module name and function of the system parameters and structure parameters, reasoning, in the module name of the library in order to apply the module.
If you are not satisfied with the result, the user can specify the module name. in this step of the resulting module is still uncertain, it lacks the size parameters, the definition of accuracy, material characteristics and Assembly relationships. Automatic modeling of reasoning, using input parameters, precision characteristics, material characteristics and Assembly relationships defined, driving users to customize features, module features model constructed dynamically and automatically out and automatic Assembly. Automatic modeling function of c language and secondary development tools Pro/TOOLKIT and Pro/E. Modular calls can quickly complete mold design. Mold design cycle significantly shortened after applying this system. Because when the module is designed to give serious consideration to the quality of modules, based on mould quality assurance role. Independent UDFs are stored in the module library file, so the system has scalability.