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Market Still Needs To Adjust And Optimization Of Stamping Die
Jul 01, 2014

In recent years, the stamping level has greatly improved. Large die has been able to produce a single set weighs more than 50 tonnes of mold. And is capable of producing mid-range sedan matching the cover parts. Stamping die for domestic industries are catching up with the world's advanced level, narrowing the technology gap with the developed countries, many China-made precision stamping mould on the main properties has been able to compare with imported products. However, China's exports of stamping die mostly low-tech cheap products, high technology content of stamping die for high-end market rate is lower than the overall rate, the mold development lags behind the production of stamping parts, and in some low grade simply die, has become a glut, market competition is fierce.

Stamping dies are high quality, efficient production tools. Stamping with high efficiency and easy operation, easy to realize the mechanization and automation. Therefore, stamping mould design also plays an important role in the production. China as a manufacturing nation, stamping mould market continues to expand, has good potential for development.

With the rapid development of the national economy, growing market demand for molds. In recent years, mold growth and rapid development of the industry has always been about 15%. Among them, the stamping industry overall level significantly improved, not only achieving import substitution, but also a considerable part of production exported to the United States, and Japan and other industrialized countries and regions.

China still needs to continue to adjust and optimize the market structure of stamping dies. Domestic enterprises should pay attention to product quality, cost, and importance of new product development capability. High precision stamping mould will be more in the future, to promote CAD/CAM/CAE technology with the development and advancement of computer software, universal access conditions have been ripe for CAD/CAM/CAE technology, choose the superior steel materials and apply the appropriate surface treatment technologies to improve die life. Only in this way can we increase the high-end market share