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Injection Moulding Definition
Jun 27, 2017

Injection Moulding According to the American Plastics Industry Association for the definition of plastic: "all or part of the carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements using heating, Injection Moulding pressure, or both the way polymerization in the manufacturing stage Is a liquid that becomes solid at the final stage of manufacture, and this large and varied material group is called plastic. Injection Moulding "The process of processing macromolecules into plastic parts mainly involves the physical phase change of thermoplastics melting and solidification or thermosetting plastics Of the chemical reaction of two kinds of curing.

Thermoplastic heat softening, melting, when the temperature decreases, can harden the shape, if the heat again, can still soften the melt, cooling softening and melting, Injection Moulding cooling hardening, this process can be repeated several times;

Thermosetting plastic heat, began to soften and have a certain plasticity, at higher temperatures and pressure, curing molding. Since then, no longer have plasticity, if you continue to heat, can not melt, but only decomposition of carbonation, thermosetting plastics insoluble in any solvent, Injection Moulding thermosetting plastics in the molding process, not only physical changes, as well as chemical changes.

The macromolecules, represented by amorphous linear polymers, Injection Moulding have different aggregation properties due to the continuity of the molecular structure and their large molecular weight, but under different thermal conditions, Its unique three forms exist, that is, glassy state, high elasticity, and viscous flow

When subjected to external forces, the molecular segments will be instantaneous minute stretching and bond angle changes, the entire plastic body has a certain rigidity and strength, Injection Moulding in this form, the plastic parts can be used or machined

In the high elastic state of the plastic molecules, Injection Moulding kinetic energy increases, the segments expand into a network, but the molecular movement is still maintained in the small segment of the optional, between the chain and the chain does not occur in the position of movement, by external forces can produce slow In this state, the plastic has a rubber-like elasticity, so also known as the rubber state, Injection Moulding commonly known as elastic or rubber body of the polymer, is the At high temperatures in the room at high polymer,

Injection system mainly includes pre-plastic device and injection device, it is also known as pre-plastic, injection system. Injection Moulding Its main role:

(1) uniform heating, and within a specified time will be a certain amount of molten plastic plastic;

(2) at a certain pressure and speed, the quantitative melt injection into the mold cavity;

(3) At the end of the injection, the melt in the mold cavity is held in pressure