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Injection Moulder Engel Touts Growth In Mexico
Aug 30, 2009

Injection moulding giant Engel is pushing for growth in Mexico, promising that the technical centre it is building in the country will be operational by the first half of next year.

“We plan to have the ribbon cutting next spring,” said Engel North America President and CEO Stephan Braig, during a foundation stone-laying ceremony at the 1.48 acre site close to the provincial capital of Querétaro, 125 miles northwest of Mexico City.

The investment, which Braig said is worth “several million dollars”, is Engel’s most significant in Mexico since the Austrian multinational opened a sales and spare parts office in the Mexican capital in 1996. Alberto Meade, general manager of Engel de México SA, said Engel has close to 1,400 presses installed in Mexico.

According to Meade, the technical center in Querétaro will cover 21,500 square feet and house, among other facilities, a parts warehouse, a laboratory, two classrooms for training and a processing optimization area.

“We’ll have three machines permanently running,” he said.

Engel identified Querétaro as the ideal location for the center because “it’s located in the middle of the country and 60-65% of all Engel machines in Mexico are in the region”.

Half a dozen Engel customers already have manufacturing plants in the Marqués industrial park, on the outskirts of Querétaro, where Engel’s complex is located. They include GW Plastics Mexicana, a unit of precision molder GW Plastics.

While declining to reveal Engel’s share of the Mexican market, because “we don’t have reliable data”, Braig, nevertheless, made no secret of the company’s desire to boost business in Mexico.

“Why now, when everybody else is cutting [back] and not many suppliers are making investments?” he said.

“First of all, the Mexican market is extremely important to us. We see it as a growing market. It is also a market that has grown in sophistication. We see injection molding applications [in Mexico] that are no different to anywhere else in the world. It’s our task to help our customers grow. We are a technology company, with many innovative products and processes. We’ve been here since 1996. We felt we needed to bring this to the next level.”

He added: “Ultimately we believe in the Mexican market, in our Mexican work force, our Mexican customers and their drive to get through this [global economic] crisis.”