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How To Find Good Moulds From China
Oct 08, 2012

There are so many mould makers in the worldwide, while in China there are also many good mold makers, How to find a good mould factory for your mould project? How to find a good mould maker? How to find a suitable injection molds made in China?

 Here are some tips for injection Mould ,these are  for  the  injection  molds  making  companies.
1. Search for “injection molds made in China”, I believe a professional injection molds maker China know how to attract his clients, its website is also professional and can show its capacity.
2. Find the 3-4 companies which have good expression, send enquiries and compare their price, and know about their after sales service.
3. Come to China and have a field visit to the companies.
Check its process scale
Check its facilities
Check its design level and measuring Dept