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How To Achieve Management Innovation In Injection Mold Enterprises
Dec 09, 2018

Core Tip: The management innovation of injection mold enterprises refers to the mold industry's initiative to adapt to the new mold processing environment under the premise of innovation and control of new mold technology, and promote the new quality and quantity of molds.

       The management innovation of injection mold enterprises refers to the mold industry actively adapting to the new mold processing environment under the premise of innovation and mastering new mold technology, and promotes new changes and new integrated processes in the quality and quantity of molds. To make management innovation, mold companies should grasp from the following aspects: 1. Pursue the sustainable growth of mold enterprises. Today, with the increasing speed of innovation in products, technology, and knowledge, the sustainability of growth has become a more important issue for mold companies than management efficiency. The mold company is an artificial system, and its internal system can be transformed. This is an objective condition for the company to achieve sustainable growth. Adhere to the concept of sustainable growth management, pay attention to the overall function optimization in management: focus on relying on core competitiveness, and constantly improve the market competitive advantage: pay attention to real basic management, pay attention to management refinement, scientific and procedural. Standardization and institutionalization, paying attention to people-oriented, constantly improving the quality of employees, and giving full play to their ability to act. 2 Improve the operation capability of the mold enterprise and realize “agile management”. 1 In terms of production, there are the ability to manufacture products and improve services in batches according to customer orders: 2 In marketing, there are characteristics of customer value as the center, enriching customer value, and producing personalized products and service combinations. 3 In terms of organization, it can integrate resources related to the internal and external processes of production and operation, and create and leverage the competitive advantage of resource leverage through interaction and cooperation with suppliers and customers: 4 In management, change emphasis on command and control, and change Go to leadership, motivation, support and trust. 3 Transforming the cooperation mode between mold companies, mold companies not only provide services for various products, but also must know how to combine their core competences and technical expertise with other favorable competitive resources to make up for their own shortcomings. limitation. In the survival principle of the mold enterprise, “exclusive” is replaced by “cooperation”. Therefore, mold companies need to change their cooperation model with other companies or organizations. 1 Supply chain, especially the cooperation between enterprises and suppliers. In the value-added chain of an enterprise, the cost of the supply process is high, so the dynamic interconnection of the supply chain is crucial. 2 Strategic network type means that the enterprise forms a strategic network by establishing value chains with suppliers, distributors and end users. At this time, the competition also becomes competition among strategic networks. Management innovation is one of the important means for mold enterprises to achieve modern management. Realizing the management innovation of the mold enterprise, can help the enterprise to grow economic efficiency, and at the same time drive the rapid development of the entire mold industry.