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Heat Treatment Lines After Cut-crack Is A Template Problem Or A Heat Problem?
Feb 25, 2015

Mold heat treatment lines after cut-crack, some think it is a heat problem. Because there is no wire EDM after heat treatment of steel is hard to crack, linear cutting cracking because cutting stress concentration. Therefore heat treatment not only to meet the requirements of heat treatment hardness must also eliminate internal stress. To eliminate internal stress is the key to Tempering Tempering temperature and time. If the tempering temperature too low, tempering stress cannot be eliminated in the longer if the tempering temperature is too high, while eliminating the stress, but does not meet the requirements if the tempering temperature, tempering time is too short, the stresses are not eliminated. Linear cutting cracking after heat treatment is the key to tempering temperature and tempering time control.
Linear cutting cracking this complex after heat treatment, quenching after tempering is not fully possible, also die forging defects may exist. If there is a general carbon steel molds, inadequate tempering is the main reason, priority of high alloy, also possible material defects, impurities, carbide segregation of these high metallographic examination is required to determine.