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Günther MD, And Her Company, Look Back Across 25 Years
Dec 25, 2009

In 2008, Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH in Frankenberg/Eder, Germany, celebrated 25 years of activity in the hot runner technology business. Now, the company’s managing director, Siegrid Sommer, can also look back on 25 years of association with Günther. She joined the company in 1985 as a technical draftsperson.

Sommer took charge of the design department in 1989, and 11 years later assumed responsibility for technical management. She was appointed to the Günther directorate in April 2004. Sommer has earned a great deal of industry praise and recognition over the years.

Herbert Günther had already announced in September 2003, during ceremonies marking the 20th anniversary of Günther’s founding, that Sommer would be ascending to the position of MD in 2004. He did that to ensure a smooth management transition, he said, and the company’s subsequent development proves that his objective was achieved with outstanding success.

Siegrid Sommer has been actively participating in all stages of the development of hot runner engineering for a quarter-century. No one knows better than she that maintaining a market position over a long term requires being always one step ahead. Innovation is her keyword, whereby that means not keeping pace with trends but setting them.

“He who thinks he is something has stopped becoming something” is a line attributed to Socrates that has lost nothing of its wisdom over many centuries. It is a philosophy that expresses well Siegrid Sommer’s attitude toward her professional work.

Says Sommer: “I am proud of having, together with Mr. Günther and our team of employees, achieved so much—and the future has only just begun. Only when we maintain our sense of responsibility for our work, the customers and ourselves will we have a chance of holding our ground in difficult times, too.”