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French Plastics Sector To Meet At FIP 2009
Mar 26, 2009

FIP 2009 takes place June 16–19 at Lyon Eurexpo. The leading plastics fair in France, FIP originated in Oyonnax at the heart of the nation’s Plastics Valley. This year, the fair is being staged in Lyon for the first time. The organizer, IDICE SAS, intends it to be a new type of event to suit an ever-changing market.

There have been no gatherings of the whole plastics sector in France for some time, and new stakes and challenges have emerged since its last meeting. The sector should therefore be bold, says FIP’s organizer, and go on the offensive. FIP 2009 is poised to act as a partner in this approach in several key ways.

First, the show will provide exhibitors with heightened visibility. FIP 2009 will highlight exhibitors’ innovations and new products to facilitate their promotion and help visitors identify them.

In addition, the fair will offer clear responses to today’s vital issues through conferences and other media. Conference sessions and seminars will help visitors to understand changes taking place in the sector and enable them to position themselves strategically for the future. FIP will also place a focus on emerging technologies and current and forthcoming elements of a sustainable approach to plastics technology.

Fundamentally, the event supplies an opportunity for the whole trade to gather, connect, network, and plan its course going forward. Many national organizations, trade unions, companies, and other interested parties in France will surely choose to make FIP 2009 a highlight of this year’s professional calendar. The four-day gathering will enable visitors to organize their technical days, general assemblies, seminars, birthday celebrations, and other occasions that cement relationships.