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Four Advantages Of Kinsrun's Plastic Mould Industry
Oct 16, 2013


There is no doubt that Kinsrun’s plastic mould has gradually occupied an important position. In recent years, the annual output value has rising more than 30 percent.

Now Kinsrun has 524 mould factories and 304 sole proprietors. Last year, Huangyan’s yearly output has reached as much as 1.12 billion.

There seem to be four big reasons for this.

1. Socialization collaboration and information service. After the division of nature labor, two types-one is the professional mold manufacturer, the other is the enterprise which provides associated services or products to the professional mold manufacturer.

2. The flexible management. Except for the specialized labor, high and medium-level science and technology talents can also be participate as a part-time job.

3. The well-equipped technology. In the last five years, the investment of Huangyan mould industry has comes up to 400 million, and the technology of CAD/CAE/CAM has adopted for design, analysis and manufacture, and this has greatly improve the grade of product.

4. High technology talents. The workers can obtain knowledge through practice, and they are also go back to school for further study.