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Delegations From Japan Come To Dalian For Mould Enterprises Conference Of Japan And China
Oct 16, 2009

Reported by Tianjian Net: “Mould Enterprises Conference of Japan and China” held at 2 P.M. on 14th, Oct. in the liberary of Dalian University of Technology. This is the third year of the conference. The delegation group was headed by Mayor Iton of Kitakami City, Iwate, followed by seven enterprises and professors of Iwate University. The group not only had discussion with some enterprises of Dalian, but also visited some representative enterprises to seek closer cooperation.

“RIT Programe Iwate and Dalian” is an assistance project of Japan External Trade Organization, aims to promote the industry cooperation between Japan and oversea countries. In 2006, Dalian Technology University and Iwate University set up the “Dalian Technology University and Iwate University Technology Transfer Center”, and held the “Dalian Technology University and Iwate University International Techinology Cooperation Conference”, that reached an initial cooperation of technology guide and develop.