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Chinese Mould Manufacturers Are Still Reluctant To Use Homemade Machine Tools
Aug 14, 2013

China’s mould industry has made substantial progress and is growing very rapidly. While theoretically this is undoubtedly a drive for further development of the nation’s machine tool sector, many of its mould manufacturers are still reluctant to use homemade machine tools.


Specialists note that the majority of homemade equipment from China’s machine tool manufacturers is able to meet the nation’s demand whether in terms of the technique of capability except a small fraction of high-grade equipment. The embarrassment is that the machine tool industry fails to address the mould market and some special requirements for mould processing, reflected by: first, products are not developed specific to the special requirements of the mould industry. The main construction does not apply to mould processing satisfactorily, including the dimension and carrying capacity of the workbenches, rapidity and stability of the tools, reliability for long full-load service, high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision and high-redundancy space curved surface processing; second, many parts and accessories for equipment do not provide the required quality, especially some electronic elements, some e\mechanical parts and numerical control systems; third, inferior assembly quality and comprehensive service competence, especially after service, due to institutional and management problems in enterprises.


It is right these problems that resulted in the reluctance of Chinese mould enterprises to use homemade machine tools and the loss of a large market for the nation’s machine tool industry. Specialists suggest it is high time the nation’s machine tool industry draw lessons analyze the market more carefully and strive for better development.