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Chinese Auto Mould Companies Lack Of Communication
Dec 20, 2011

 China's auto mould companies's strength are strong, but the overall strength of China's auto mould industry still lags behind the mold at the advanced level.The reason is not Chinese enterprises technological backwardness , or is it lack of funds, but the distribution of scattered enterprises, lack of cooperation between enterprises, repeat investment leading to waste of resources.


        Automotive mould industry is different from other industries, high-precision, low-cost, short lead should be a distinctive feature in the auto mould industry .However, a well-known domestic enterprises invested several hundred million dollars a year to develop the vehicle, but only two or three sets of mold not only pay a huge cost, accuracy and delivery cycle and the product can not meet market demand.Therefore, relying on a small number of companies alone is difficult to improve China's overall strength of the auto mould industry .


       If Chinese automotive mould companies can union together and cooperate, share resources, both to avoid duplication of investment leading to waste of resources, and can achieve a faster rate, level of technology leap.If the business division of labor, we can concentrate on solving particular problems in the field, both to improve efficiency, reduce product development can be difficult.If an enterprise to share research results, will reduce huge investment, and development speed will be improved.Conversely, if fragmented, duplication of investment, lower prices with each other, is bound to affect the normal development of the overall level of constraint on China's mold industry to improve.


       China's auto mold companies, should take full advantage of the rapid rise of China's auto industry,strengthen contacts and cooperation, give full play to advantages of groups into the international market.I believe that with auto mould companies to strengthen the sense of teamwork, the Chinese auto mold companies will achieve a new level.