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China's Top 10 Mould Enterprises In 2012
Jan 13, 2014
Rank Enterprise Name Brief  achievements
  • 1

Himile Sci &Tech Founded  in 1995, Himile is one of the world’s largest tire mold manufacturer, the  national high-tech enterprise, top 10 mold brands, Shandong Himile Mech  Science & Tech Co., Ltd.
  • 2

Tianjing  Motor Dies Founded in 1965 ,  Tianjing Motor Dies is one of the largest automobile mould enterprises ,  listed companies, Tianjin famous trademark , China Tianjin Motor Dies  Co.,Ltd.
  • 3

Greatoo Greatoo Inc. is one  of the key high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, brand-name products  in Guangdong, highly competitive in the die market, Guangdong Greatoo Inc.
  • 4

Trinity Electronic Tongling Trinity Electronic Group Co., Ltd is one of the key  high-tech enterprises. 
  • 5

Changhong  Technology an national high-tech  enterprise, and a professional precision mold manufacturing and injection  molding product development and production company, Top 10 mold brand,  Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd.)
  • 6

 FAW  Foundry FAW is a large modern  casting process equipment manufacturing enterprise, one of the core  enterprises of car body mold, one of the largest production base for  automobile castings, FAW Foundry Co., Ltd.
  • 7

Haier It is attached to  Haier Group, an international professional plastic molds and sheet metal  molds production base, one of China's most outstanding mold supplier, Qingdao  Haier Mold Co., Ltd
  • 8

Henghe Henghe is engaged in  the design and manufacture of precision injection molds and plastic products  molding, painting, printing and assembly, a high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang  Province, Ningbo Henghe Mould Co., Ltd
  • 9

Chengfei Chengfei is a listed  company, a large scale and R&D focused automotive die manufacturer, a  high-tech enterprise, top ten mold brand, Sichuan Chengfei Integration  Technology Co., Ltd
  • 10

Shengdu Shengdu is a famous  trademark in Guangdong Province, specialized in the development and  production of various mold preforms, molds and mold accessories, a key  high-tech enterprise , Guangdong Shengdu Mould Co., Ltd