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China Ningbo Mould Industry Preview
Mar 13, 2010

I. Basic Facts of Ningbo Molds Industry Totally over 3000 molds and dies suppliers employ about 110,000 persons including 7,500 technicians and engineers.

Equipped with 4,000 CNC facilities, 200 machining centers , over 500 CAD/CAM/CAE imported from Japan, Switzerland, Germany , Italy, USA , and Taiwan …

Covers a full variety of molds and dies ranging from plastic moulds, die casting moulds, powder metallurgy moulds, punch dies ..

II. Features and role of Ningbo molds industry Ningbo molds industry plays a key role in China and is regarded as one of the major production bases of molds and dies of China. Ninghai , a county under its jurisdiction, has been conferred the title of China Molds & Dies Production Base , and Yuyao, another sub city, is entitled China Light Industry Molds & Dies Production Base. According to a survey, casting moulds from Ningbo accounts for 70% of national total. Die-casting dies accouts for over 40%; powder metallurgy molds accounts for 25%, plastic moulds accounts for 7%...

Features of Ningbo moulds:

 1. Numerous Enterprises. A great number of molds and dies manufacturers, totally 3000 entities and 103,000 employees, spreads across Larger Ningbo Area , including Ninghai, Xiangshan, Fenghua, Cixi, Yuyao, Beilun, Zhenhai, Jiangbei, Jiang dong, Yinzhou .

 2. Full Variety. Ningbo is recognized for its plastic moulds, die-casting dies, casting moulds and powder metallurgy moulds. Its capability in manufacturing of plastic moulds takes leading position in China. Some manufacturers purchase CAD/CAM/CAE integrated system and state-of-the-art mold-making equipment from Japan, Germany, Italy etc. to keep the tolerance within 0.01mm. Some companies can produce large molds up to 50 tons.

3. Distinctive lump economy. The local mold industry is highly concentrative . Take Dagan Town of Beilun as an example, over 500 mold manufacturers are based in the town to achieve a total sales revenue of over 2 billion yuan. Casting dies are feature products of the town. The precision tolerance can be controlled within 0.04mm and the surface finish can be kept within 0.01-0.2um. 

4. Great popularity. Beilun is known as the Land of Die-Casting Dies. Yuyao and Ninghai are recognized as the Land of Plastic Moulds and Dies. Xiangshan is a reputed Land of Casting Moulds. The famous customers of Ningbo molds manufacturers have included nearly all the big brands ranging from Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Buick, Haier, Changhong, FAW, Dongfeng to Volkswagen and Rongshida etc. 

Some manufacturers have been able to produce high-grade molds and dies , and prepare itself for tapping overseas market, such as Dapeng Plastic Moulds, Ningbo Jialilai, Ningbo Dumu.  

Yinzhou – mainly produce automotive parts molds
Ninghai- mainly produce large plastic moulds.
Beilun- mainly produce Die-casting dies 
Yuyao – mainly produce small plastic moulds 
Cixi- mainly produce domestic appliance moulds
Xiangshan- mainly produce casting moulds.