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Causes Of Quenching Crack
Nov 27, 2014

1) there are serious the carbide segregation of mould material.
2) die in the machining or cold plastic deformation stress.
3) improper operation of heat treatment (heating or cooling too quickly, the quenching media choices and the cooling temperature is too low, the cooling time is too long).
4) mold complex shapes, uneven, with sharp corners and threaded holes, heat stress and the stress is too large.
5) mold heating overheating overheating or burning.
6) after quenching and tempering is less than, or when lack of tempering time.
7) mold repair quenching heating, without intermediate annealing and hardening again.
8) heat treatment, grinding process improperly.
9) EDM after heat treatment, hardening layer there is a high tensile stress and microscopic cracks.