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Brief Introduction Of Mould Development In Domestic
Apr 18, 2011


      According to the statistics, there are about 6000 mould enterprises in Shanghai, and about 70 of them are specialized in automotive stamping, plastics mould, die casting with the annual output value of 2 billion. The private-owned enterprises include Huazhuang Mould Co.,Ltd, Yongwise, Qianyuan(Shanghai) Moulding Co.,Ltd, Yifeng Automotive Die Making Co., Ltd, Shanghai Hengli Auto Accessories Co., Ltd, Han’s, etc. The joint ventures include Visteon, Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd., etc. Taiwan-funded enterprises contain Shanghai Hornshiue Industrial Co., Ltd, Tailekom Precision Mould Co., Ltd and so on. Most of these enterprises’ annual output valuse exceed 50 million, about seven enterprises even can reach to 100 million. A few individual firms’ growth rates are soaring by 100%.
     The mould companies in Shanghai have narrowed the gap on equipements to keep in the step with international standard. In recent years, a large number of advanced CNC equipements are imported, such as three-axis to five-axis high-speed manchine tools, CNC gantry milling machines, large measuring and debugging equipments and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machines, etc, which improve the skills and standards of enterpises in manufacturing the automotive panels. Some firms have come up to advanced world standards. Through cooperation, a few companies have ability to produce 4-5 full sets of auto moulds simultaneously.


     At present, Kunshan Mould Industrial Base has over 850 companies engaged in mould designing, manufacturing and training, They are from China, the USA, France and some other countries and districts. In 2007, the sales volume of mould products reached 7.072 billion, accounting for 10% of the country. It ranked into first among the 26 mould bases in domestic. According to the report from China Die&Mould Industry Association, Kunshan Mould Industry Base has become the laregest base with highest level of technology in our country’s mould industry. With the construction of Kunshan International Mould Park, which takes an area of 1.2 million square meters. This will attract more and more mould manufacturers and customers to visit Kunshan. Some famous enterprises located in Kunshan are as follows: Makino (China) Co., Ltd., Famfull Electromics Co., Ltd., Kunshan Sanjian Mould Machinery Co., Ltd, etc.


     The specification and level of Shenzhen mould industry are regared as the best in China. And its mould industry keep the annual growth rate of 15%-30%. For now, it has more than 1000 mould enterprises and its annual output volume exceed 10 billion, accounting for 60% of the total output value in Guangdong province, and 25% in China. It has more than 100 thousand employees, among whom 30% are technicians. There are some famous mould manufacturers with the annual output value of over 100 million, such as Hongzhun Precision Mould Co., Ltd., KONKA, Yihe, Dongjiang and so on. Many mould enterprises in Shenzhen can produce a wide range of moulds except large-sized auto panel and also Shenzhen has a great potential in mould manufacturing. Besides, a varity of modern high technologise are applied in the mould processing, such as CAD/CAM/CAE, precision processing, gas-assisted injection, reverse engineering, hot runner system, rapid prototyping system, etc.


     In Beilun District, Ningbo, there are over 1370 mould enterprises and about 10 research centers with 10 thousand employees in total, among whom are 300 senior technicians. It has over 200 advanced world processing equipments. The featured products, for instance, die castings, stamping moulds, plastic moulds, have been exported to the USA, Europe, Japan,etc. Especially the stamping moulds enjoy great popularity in our country for the good quality, supplying for Volkswagen, FAW, CHANGAN, Chery, Motorola, Philips, LG, SAMSUNG, etc.
     With the development of Kunshan mould industry, its scale becomes larger and larger. Qinglin, Dongao, Hengshan have formed into the professinal villages that deal with mould manufacturing. Their annual output can reache 100 million. Besides, Beilun District owns about 40 large companies as Xunhui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd, Ningbo Huiwang Machinery Co., Ltd. And still many other companies choose to locate their factories in Beilun.