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Analysis On The Effect Of Mold Temperature On The Plastic Molding
Feb 15, 2016

In the plastics processing and mould temperature is an important variable to be controlled. Injection molding for perfect temperature control can reduce unit costs. Improve product quality, ensure correct copy of plastic surfaces, ensure the uniformity of contraction. Therefore, mold temperature control must be optimized.
A hot mold surface so that the plastic surface to remain liquid for a long time, enough to form in the cavity pressure. Cavity fill and freeze if the skin appears before hardening, cavity pressure can be soft plastics on the metal, and then copy the cavity surface is high. The other hand, if the low pressure into the cavities of plastic suspended, no matter how short of time, then its slight contact with the metal can cause stains, sometimes referred to as gate stain.
For each kind of plastic and plastic parts, there is a mold surface temperature limit, exceeding this limit may appear one or more adverse effects (for example, components can overflow edges). Higher mold temperature means less flow resistance. In many of the injection molding machine, which naturally means that faster through the water, gate and the cavity, because the plastic flow control valve does not correct this change fills faster runner and cause higher pressure within the cavity. May cause Flash Flash. Due to the thermal model does not freeze the formation before entering the area of plastic material that washes over, melt around the lifting rods spilling inside burrs and overflows into the split line clearance. This show needs to have a good injection rate control, and some modern flow-control programmer can indeed do this.
Generally, mold temperature increases will reduce the plastic cavity morning condensation layer, making it easier for molten material inside the cavity flow, so as to gain more weight and better surface quality of parts. Meanwhile, mold temperature will cause increase in tensile strength. Many molds, especially engineering thermoplastics, running at a relatively high temperature, if the mold is not insulation, drain into the air and heat on injection molding machines can easily and shoot as many losses of jar. So you want to die and Board thermal insulation and, if possible, of the surface insulation. If you consider using hot runner mold, try reducing the heat road and cooling heat exchange between the injection molded parts. Such methods can reduce energy loss and preheating time.
Temperature control for the purpose of forming and acts forming the appearance and physical properties of materials, forming loop, affected by mold temperature effects is quite remarkable. General molding, mold at a lower temperature, can increase the projected number is more ideal, but shaped and molded (mold structures) and finished materials relating to the forming cycle is sent depends on needed to improve mold fill temperature.
This material is molded, the required cooling rate. Into the short cooling time, even some hardened part is soft, still can avoid stress due to uneven shrinkage. Appropriate stress properties of temperature control for cooling improvements.