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Analysis Of Mold Failure In Stamping Die Production Factors
Mar 06, 2016

Die stamping die production fault is the most prone to problems, often caused by production, affect the production cycle. Mold damage mold damage is the mold cracked and broken, rolling out, and address the issue of mold damage, must be from tooling design, manufacturing process and use to search for the reason. Therefore, the mold must be found as soon as possible the cause, reasonable maintenance.

First review mold making material is appropriate, corresponding thermal addressing process is reasonable. Typically, effect of heat treatment of die materials on it is very big. Die quenching of high temperature quenching method and time is not reasonable, as well as tempering times and temperatures, improper elbow will result after entering the stamping mould damage. Design of falling material size or depth of the hole is not enough, easy to make slots blocked, cause damage to the blanking plate.

Spring design is too low or high set of unequal height, tilt will make spring break, blanking plate. Duplication rush hit and damaged parts. Punch fixing or screw strength is not enough. Lead punch dropped or broken. Molds used, replacement parts, installation error, or bad bolt.

Working height adjustment is too low, insufficient lubrication of guide pins. Feeding equipment malfunction, abnormal pressure will cause mold damage. Chinese mold net said that if there is a foreign body into the mold, parts overlap and waste blocking may not be processed in a timely manner, to continue production, it is easy to damage the die blanking plate, punch, the next template and guide post.