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Advantages Of In Mould Labe L- Has Barrier Layer Inside
Apr 09, 2013

How could the in mould label be with a layer inside. Firstly, let we talk about the

additional features, on one hand, the labels are in clear and sparkling colours

and are not susceptible to peeling. On the other hand, a layer of ethylene 

vinyl alchohol (EVOH) in the PP label could prolong shelf life and provides 

gas barrier properties.



If in mould label have barrier layer inside, this design of which could meet

barrier demands and that will result to the products stay on shelf twice as 

long - or even three times longer –all that have to thanks to the combination 

of membrane sealing and barrier protection provided by the in mold label.



Nowadays, Marketers and brand owners love the shelf impact it delivers, and they

tend to put barrier layers inside the label which is being used in-mold, and that lead

to a whole new functional element. The general agreement is reached, that means it

will make the making process more efficient.