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20% Growth Of China Mould In Each Year
Nov 15, 2008

In recent years, China mould industry has experienced rapid growth. During 1996 and 2002,
average growth of mould output was about 14%. By 2003, China mould output reached
RMB 45b, with an increase of 25% against 2002. Annual output ranked No. 3, followed Japan
and America. Growth rate of developed regions like Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and
Shandong was as high as 30%. Total export turnover of China in 2003 was RMB 0.3368b,
increased 33.5% compared with 2002.

Obviously,  mould industry has developed from the import relied attachment into an independent
 new industry. China has transmitted into a mould production and consumption country, world
mould manufacture center is transferring to China. However, China still has many difficulties in
mould industry, and need to be solved. Some improvements should be made include: low tech
moulds have oversupplied, and high tech moulds cannot meet the demands, e.g., precision and
complex punch dies, plastic moulds, automotive cover moulds, electrical connectors, all these
moulds should be imported form overseas. In the past five years, China imported moulds valued
USD 1.12b every year, USD 1.37b in the year 2003, moulds attached with equipments and
production line excluded. 

Mould industry is the key area of high tech. New investment in mould enterprises, 80% is for
processing equipments. It is estimated that China has a great market of over RMB 4b of mould
equipments, with an increase of 20% each year.

As a result, key point in mould development is manufacture skill leaded by information
 tech. At present, the adoption of CAD/CAE/CAM, rapid prototype in mould industry have made
an innovation in mould design. In addition, CNC precision processing machine has also promoted
 mould industry development.